Kidz Klub listens to the communities in which we work.

Out of that listening grows projects that work deeper and with specific individual or groups of children.

The LS11 Kidz Klub Choir has been a great success, giving children a sense of belonging, purpose and sets goals to achieve.  The choir meets weekly during term time and performs three times a year.

Community Changers group are small groups in local communities where children explore how to be good citizens by planning a project they can carry out together, executing that plan and debriefing on the experience. Run in partnership with local churches these groups help to foster relationships and community.

Small trips build wonderful shared experiences with the children and give opportunities to spend precious time with them at a pantomime, show, ballet and sporting event or out to eat.

Family trips enable Kidz Klub to provide families with days out and experiences with whole families, bringing families and communities together.

Summer Residentials each year provide 20+ children nearing the end of primary school with a break from the inner-city stresses and pressures they experience day-in day-out, and give them the opportunity to experience the countryside and new things. Residentials can be time when children face their fears and conquer them, when they are able to forget the peer pressure, the worries and the difficulties of home life and be free to be themselves and to enjoy their childhood.

The Time Out Café runs alongside our Kidz Klub sessions in LS11 and Middleton.  It provides space for parents and carers to unwind, connect with other parents and seek a listening ear from the volunteers who run the café every week. The Café also creates space that can be used for structured help and support including Job Clubs, parenting classes and budgeting advice.

Christmas Hampers are a way for people across Leeds to show love and practical support to families in Leeds.  It’s a wonderful way of making people feel loved and lending a helping hand to some families who have a hard time at Christmas time.

One of the volunteers told us her recent hampers experience:  “One of the children we gave a Christmas hamper to, came to Kidz Klub the following Saturday and gave me and Keith mugs as thank you presents.  The child then thanked us again for the hamper and said, “When you left mummy started to cry.”  We know hampers make a difference to some families, but it is also so much about how hampers show someone out there cares about you and your family.”