Every child that comes to the Kidz Klubs across Leeds is visited at home each week.  

That’s, on average, about 1,400 children visited at home each week.  Our committed visiting team includes around 50 volunteers who visit the children at the same time and day in rain, snow or shine.  Home visits are an amazing time where visitors can support children in their home situation, build relationships and trust and answer any questions people may have about Kidz Klub.

Our volunteers represent our diverse city, diverse in age, background and ethnicity, and are seen in the community every week and recognised as a positive influence on the children and on the areas in which we visit.

“Over the past year, the visitors have been such a massive support to me.  I’ve been able to talk to them about lots of stuff that I’ve gone through and they’ve helped me so much.  I’ve spoken to them about things I couldn’t tell anyone else…”  A mum of two Kidz Klub children.


You are the only adults I have spoken to today thank you so much for coming

A single mum raising her children by herself