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Kidz Klubs are fun, fast paced and loud! 

We run 5 Kidz Klubs in 4 locations each week during term time.  Up to 500 children attend each week, to take part in songs, messy and exciting games and hearing and taking part in lessons on staying in school, keeping away from crime and building strong and positive relationships.  Kidz Klubs run 32 weeks of the year during term time.


City Kidz Klubs run at Bridge Community Church on Saturday mornings and cover the inner city areas of East and North Leeds.  The Saturday morning Kidz Klubs are split into two clubs, key stage 1 and 2, which run at the same time.  Around 300 children attend each week, the majority of children arriving on our 5 double decker buses the children have dubbed “the Happy Bus”. Find out more!


LS11 Kidz Klub is held at Beeston Hill United Free Church on a Tuesday after school for children in the South Leeds LS11 postcode area.  Around 150 children attend weekly.  There is also a “Happy Bus” for children who live too far to walk from around Beeston, Cottingley and Holbeck. Find out more!


The wonderful Middleton Kidz Klub is held at Middleton Park Primary School on a Thursday after school.  Around 50 children attend weekly for the sessions.  Children are walked to and from the school by parents and carers. Find out more!


We also run a brilliant Mini-Kidz Klub Session during the lunch hour at Bramley St Peter’s Primary School.  Around 50 children attended regularly.  This adaptation of the Kidz Klub model has allowed local people in Bramley to work together to support and nurture their young people.  It is our hope in the future to extend and diversify our work in West Leeds. Find out more!