Through no fault of their own, Tyrah* and her family live in a household of 10 people in a small two-bedroom terrace. Space is tight. Money is even tighter.

When our volunteers visit Tyrah at home each week, they see the struggle.

Treats are a rarity for children like Tyrah. With rent, electricity, gas, and food costs soaring, her family faces a constant battle.

But children like Tyrah deserve special experiences. Just like any other child.

Thanks to the past generosity of caring supporters like you, we managed to take Tyrah on a camp.

As she looked out of the minibus window, she experienced many firsts.
Her first time seeing the countryside.
Her first time seeing a cow and a sheep.
Her first time learning to canoe, climb a wall, and abseil.

It was a holiday of a lifetime for Tyrah.

This is why we are asking for your help.

Between July and October this year, we will be taking 40 children like Tyrah on a holiday of a lifetime.

Will you give £10 or what you can share to make it possible for another child like Tyrah to enjoy the only holiday they will have this year?

“I feel safe.” “I feel adventurous.” “I feel loved.” - These are the heartfelt comments from children like Tyrah who came on our last adventure holiday.

Today you can give another local child like Tyrah a chance to enjoy a much-needed holiday.

Thanks to you they will see the countryside, enjoy an ice cream, learn to climb, scramble, splash, and simply enjoy themselves.

Thank you for helping a local child make unforgettable memories, giving them respite from tough times, and fresh hope.

*Name changed to protect identity