Today 95% of children and young people are not part of a church*. In Leeds 55,780** of children in Leeds also struggle with poverty. They grow up too soon- having to deal with adult worries. They miss out on opportunities and basics such as food or heating, they experience challenges that other children growing up just a few miles away don’t . (* Scripture Union for the 95% Campaign/ **Leeds Observatory relative poverty after housing)


Sadly we see this first hand. Child poverty in Leeds affects our children’s outcomes across; health, wellbeing, life expectancy, education and employment.


‘’Children have experienced the highest poverty rates of all social groups over the last 20 years.’’ (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)


This is not ok. Every child deserves the best. Please help a local Leeds charity to make children’s lives better by sharing the love of God in word and deed.


·        Statistics for Leeds show that by age 11 educational achievement for a child growing up in poverty is already 26% behind that of other children in the city (Leeds Observatory).

·     Mental health service use, crisis service use and drop-out rates are also higher for young people who are growing up in poverty. (Leeds Children and Families Heath Assessment 2022 report)

·     Children whose parents report poverty in pregnancy are nine times more likely to face additional traumatic experiences compared to their wealthier peers (UCL research by Dr Rebecca Lacey).



You can change this reality by giving £10 a month to Kidz Klub Leeds. Together we can help local children to escape the cycle of poverty and encounter the love of God. 

Here in Leeds children like Ben* are growing up in poverty facing issues others don’t.


Local children and young people like Ben need your help right now.


Dear local Leeds resident,


I'm Ben, and I want to share my story with you.


I grew up just a few miles down the road in inner city Leeds. My Dad had problems with alcohol. This meant that my Mum and I didn’t always feel safe at home. But, when I was just six years old, I found a place called Kidz Klub Leeds. It became my special place where I could feel safe and happy and it was where I heard about Jesus for the first time.


My Dad eventually left, leaving my Mum and me to pick up the pieces. Amidst this chaos, Kidz Klub Leeds was my constant. It was there I could enjoy myself, play with other kids and encounter the never stopping, never giving up love of God.


Volunteers from Kidz Klub Leeds visited me and Mum regularly at home. Their dedication gave me a sense of stability and belonging. As I transitioned into a leadership role within the club, wearing my Kidz Klub T-shirt, I began to see how I could help younger children.


The community's support didn’t just stop at Kidz Klub Leeds; it extended into my life as I moved out on my own at 16, learned to manage my life, and became a Youth Worker. Now I am living my dream helping other children like me.


Looking back into my life I am grateful to Kidz Klub Leeds staff, volunteers and kind donors who cared for me. Their belief in me helped transform my life. The experiences they gave me also helped me to develop a personal relationship with Jesus who is my constant source of strength and hope.


This is my story and my invitation to caring local people like you to join forces with Kidz Klub Leeds to help local children and young people.

Help a local child today. Give £10 a month to Kidz Klub leeds.

You can brighten a local child’s life.


Every week Kidz Klub Leeds staff and volunteers work with over 1000 children and their families in across 17 communities in inner city Leeds.


The local children we serve face harsh challenges that no child should have to.


Over one third of local children live in poverty, their life expectancy is up to 10 years lower than in the wealthier areas of our city. (Leeds Observatory).


Many of these children are at risk of missing out on their childhoods, just like Ben was.

Yet, they also long for stability, connection, and a chance to play and learn in a safe place.


This is what Kidz Klub Leeds can offer to them. But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of kind local people like you. 


Will you brighten a local child’s life by giving £10 to Kidz Klub Leeds today?

Every little bit helps- your generosity could be life changing for local children. It means we can reach more kids and give them the help they need to have a better life.

 About Kidz Klub Leeds

Kidz Klub Leeds is a local Christian charity. Since 2000, we've been a beacon of hope and love in Leeds, reaching over 1,000 children weekly. Since 2000 we have carried out over 600,000 home visits and reached over 26,000 children with the message of Jesus in word and deed. We now have second generation children attending and are able to be in the right place at the right time for children and families in crisis.  Our weekly activities include; after school Kidz Klub’s, home visits, family support work, play streets and a young leaders program. Our activities are aimed at and open to all children living in the 17 inner city communities we serve. We are dedicated to transformation in the lives of the city's most vulnerable children, helping them to overcome the barriers they face, realise their potential, find their voice and be the community changers.

 *Name has been changed and some stock images used to protect identity.