Here at Kidz Klub we recognise that we are all experiencing challenging times at the moment and we want to continue to support our families as much as is possible whilst keeping everyone safe. Here are some of the ways we hope to do this currently:

  • We are continuing to send your Kidz Klub Sheets and will be doing so as long as we are able. They will have competitions and the usual activities to help keep your children busy

  • We are also putting lots of entertaining videos on our You Tube channel to keep the children connected to Kidz Klub and allow them to see friendly faces at this challenging time. We will put videos on here weekly, and sometimes daily, so subscribe to our channel here.
  • We are even doing videos to help your children feel empowered in keeping themselves safe. Here's a really useful video of Russell (our amazing bus 1 captain) showing your children how to wash their hands really well.

How to wash your hands well

  • We are not physically visiting at the moment, but our visitors are praying specifically for all the families on their visiting round and we are trying to call as many families as we are able to to see how you are and have a catch up.

  • Crucially, we are still taking calls so if you need some support, or just a friendly voice to speak to, please feel free to call us on 0113 2456533. 

If you have a specific need, we have signposted some organisations in the community who are co-ordinating or offering support below. Kidz Klub are working closely with the local food banks and Leeds City Council/Doing Good Leeds and supporting their efforts for our families.

So if you struggle to gain access through them directly, please feel free to call or email us as we may to able to help.


KIDZ KLUB LEEDS - See above. Call us on 0113 2456533 or email us if you need to talk, pray, or if you struggle to access services below, we will do our best to help.

Leeds city council has launched a helpline so anyone finding themselves in need of essential support can call 0113 3781877 and be matched with a local volunteer who can help. 

MINDMATE - supporting the mental health and well being of children and young people

MINDWELL - Taking care of everyones mental well being

HOW TO ACCESS HELP WITH FOOD - see the below poster for the procedure

PRAYER SUPPORT FROM LEEDS COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN TRUST - a number to call for over 18s who need to chat or pray with someone.