Kidz Klub Leeds is a locally trusted organisation that has been present "for the long term" supporting seven inner city wards which have all been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. They also support many refugee and asylum seeker families and have done so for 22 years. Kidz Klub Leeds believes that children are the community changers and nation shakers - their job is to help children see their worth and to shine. The charity is seeing change come from within and through the generations. The model of Kidz Klub Leeds provides practical support and a relational approach keeping children safe from harm and is unique in that it works from the inside out with 54 team members choosing to live in the communities the charity serves. Sadly, there's been an increase of 9% in child poverty this last year (YEP Oct 21). The work and model of the charity is needed now more than ever, so I'd love you to join me in supporting Kidz Klub Leeds.

I'm running the last 9 miles of this challenge bringing in the relay into the centre of Leeds with my friend who is also running the last 16 miles. This run “The Liverpool to Leeds Canal Challenge” (127 miles in 24 hours) is being run by only 12 of us - please support if you can by sponsoring my legs (pun intended) to help the team reach a great fundraising amount - thanks. Cath Storey