In the heart of some communities in Leeds, where children’s laughter and play should echo, the shadow of increasing knife crime looms large, threatening the innocence and safety of our children.

Sadly the scene of roads blocked off by attending emergency services has become all to common for some of our children. 

At Kidz Klub Leeds, we've witnessed the harrowing impact of such violence, not just on the victims, but also on their siblings, their families, and their friends. 

A recent visit to a young person, recovering from a knife attack, underscored the urgent need for safe spaces where our children and young people can thrive away from harm.

The trust we've built over the years and the support we receive from caring donors like you enabled us to offer immediate support to the victim.

On this occasion, we gave some activity packs to the young person in hospital. Also, we helped their siblings to walk home safely and offered emotional support to the family.

As the fear of knife crime rises in local neighbourhoods will you join forces with Kidz Klub Leeds to create safe spaces for children? 

Your gift of £200 or more can help create more safe spaces, where local children and young people can grow and play, away from violence and crime.

Together, we can offer every child the childhood they deserve.

Please, give generously and help us turn the tide against knife crime.

Your support makes all the difference.