Just a few little stories we have collected which we think show the impact our work has on the children and families we work with:

  • We were packing up at the end of Hub Klub and a local lady told us how much she appreciated our work. She said “I often feel up against it in the community, but Kidz Klub is one  of  the little pockets of sunshine.”

  • One of our more vulnerable families particularly love it when we visit them. The mum said "I look forward to you coming each week, it gets me through the week sometimes. I know that you care and not a lot of people are like that. When you prayed with me last week it really helped.”

  • Whilst visiting his younger brother a young lad, who is too old for Kidz Klub and who would frequently be labelled a "trouble maker", ran up to us. He was grinning from ear to ear, but after a brief conversation his smile dropped: "I miss Kidz Klub." "Really?" we replied, "What do you miss about it?"  "Aw absolutely everything" he admits. "You know what? Sometimes I wish that there was a potion you could drink that would shrink you - then I could keep coming to Kidz Klub forever." We managed to connect him to a local church youth group which had many of the people from Kidz Klub attending and where he felt comfortable.

  • After klub one Saturday, a volunteer still wearing her Kidz Klub t-shirt went into a supermarket on her way home.  A shop assistant recognised the shirt and proceeded to say how she came to the klubs as a child, what it had meant to her and the impact on her life growing up—she could even remember the songs so many years later!

  • One of our visitors recently said, “So amazing to do my Kidz Klub visiting round tonight with a mum from the same round.  After getting to know her brilliant girls for nearly four years and building trust and friendship with her, she is now a Kidz Klub leader.  People like her strengthen their communities from within.” While out visiting with this mum and her kids one of the girls shouted repeatedly out of the window, “Jesus loves you all! All come to Kidz Klub!” in the centre of Harehills!!

  • My life before Kidz Klub was not great. I was always getting myself in trouble.  At school I got into a lot of fights. My teachers kept saying I was bad and I won’t achieve great things. They said I can’t do anything, I’m just a bad kid.  I always got into trouble at Kidz Klub but they never gave up on me.Now I know where I belong. My life has changed massively. Who would have thought a boy who everyone hated and was classed as a bad person would be winning awards and achieving high levels? Before Kidz Klub people looked at me as a bully while now they see me as a role model.I have met so many amazing people on my journey with Kidz Klub and each of them has changed my life.  I am looking forward to the future.”      

  •  A mum recently joined one of the Hub Klub teams.  Her children had been coming to the klubs for a while and she started to hear about God through them.  This started to make her think about faith and God’s love for her.  Having made a decision to follow God herself, she is now helping others to find this same love. 

  • One of the families on our visiting round can no longer come to klub as they have another activity on Saturday mornings. When we went to see them they begged us to keep visiting them anyway which of course we agreed to. The mum said she was looking for a new house and one of the criteria she was looking for was an area where Kidz Klub runs on a different day!