Here are some of the things our volunteers have said about volunteering for Kidz Klub Leeds

Alex’s Story

After taking early retirement from 30 years in a busy office environment, I suddenly had a bit of free time on my hands. I have been involved with Kidz Klub before and so decided to volunteer in the office for one day a week. I was surprised that my skills were transferrable from a large to a small office environment and my being there helps free other staff members up to spend more direct time with the children.

“Kidz Klub has given me a role and a purpose outside of full time employment. I work with a fantastically supportive, committed and enthusiastic team. I am able to be flexible with my working hours and feel valued and respected for my contributions”

Alex has been volunteering for Kidz Klub, in one way or another, for over 20 years now.

Leah's story

I’m a green t-shirt young leader and I help out at one of the klubs in the community. I was a bit worried when I started because I’m pretty shy. But everyone was really supportive, nobody judges you, and I love it now! They never make me do things I don’t want to but they do encourage me to try new things so I can feel really proud of myself at the end. I started just helping out with the little ones, when they were scared or shy and am getting braver and trying new things all the time.

“There is always someone I can ask for help!”

And through the young leader development programme they help me recognise the skills I am using for when I go to interviews.

Lily’s Journey

“I’m a university student and have just started volunteering on a weekly visiting round. I have to volunteer as part of my social care course and Kidz Klub Leeds came into Uni on Freshers week.

I really do enjoy it! We meet really lovely families and it’s such a blessing to be invited into their homes and share time with them. It’s also really good experience for my course. I think I’m going to carry on after my required volunteering hours are done, because I’d miss it if not.

“Volunteering in Kidz Klub has already been so valuable to me. The team are lovely and it is helping me become more confident in situations I will need for my future job role”