How do we help?

Since our launch as a charity in March 2000 we have taken a unique tried and tested approach. We work with children in every area of their lives , in their communities, homes and schools. We currently work with 1250+ children and their families in the most challenging areas across Leeds each week, sharing the hope and love of Jesus with them.

The challenge.

In the communities we serve children are growing up in the top 10% of the social deprivation indices. In one of our communities, child poverty is at 40%. Sadly, life expectancy can be up to 10% lower than in the more affluent areas of the city. In these areas long term education, employment and life chances for children are significantly poorer. Too many children we work with lack access to safe outdoor spaces and quality housing. Support services are increasingly stretched and petty crime, family breakdown and substance misuse are prevalent. This situation is unacceptable. This means hundreds of children in our city are growing up without childhoods.

We do not think this is OK. This is our city. These are our children.

A whole generation need to know they are special and loved, to know identity and belonging in God and a wider family. We do what we do because we believe there is hope for transformation, safety and love available for every family in Leeds. 


Lasting transformation from within our communities is possible. After 20 years, we are at a key point with strong existing relationships,a track record in place and many opportunities to build upon. Over 20 years our work has benefitted 26,000 children and we have carried out 600,00 home visits. The children of our original children are now attending our activities; we have adult volunteer leaders who have been with us since they were children at Kidz Klub; we have a growing number of young leaders who have attended as children and want to volunteer themselves and local parents are also joining our team. Kidz Klub has earned the trust of the communities we serve and we are committed to seeing the very best frontline support for the children of our city. Following an extensive and considered review in 2017/2018, we have restructured our work in order to be able to reach more children and to take the support we offer the children deeper. 

You were there for us through some of the most difficult times we have experienced. We cant thank you enough. 

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