This page is for Central Klub evacuation videos and serves as a training resource. Below are videos to explain specific roles within the Central session in the event of an evacuation, along with the segment of the evacuation procedure to go with that video.

Please watch each video even if it is not a role you are likely to have, and compliment this with re-reading the evacuation procedure here:


On discovering a fire you should sound the alarm by breaking the glass / pressing the button on the Fire Alarm Call Point and ring 999 for the Fire Brigade immediately. (Use KK office phone or mobile, or personal mobile, whichever is nearest). 

 If you feel confident to tackle the fire then do so using the extinguisher nearest to you. NEVER put yourself in danger. NEVER let the fire get between you and the exit. Your first responsibility is to the children in your care and yourself/the team.

Inform your Session Leader /floor manager as to the location of the fire.

The Session Leader will also direct children on the mic about where to line up /which exit(s) to use if there is any confusion and will reassure the children to keep them calm and feeling safe. Volunteers are to leave in an orderly fashion evenly spaced throughout the children with one leader at the front and back. 

On hearing the alarm the person allocated to be end of the line/ hand checker for each bus will become the end of the line for their bus queue. 

On hearing the alarm, the bus captains should take the bus sign from the banner  post hanging beside their bus and get the kids from their bus to line up behind them as they walk out the nearest fire exit as quickly as possible. This should be familiar to them as will be how we leave klub on the buses each week. If your bus captain is not there immediately and you are more accessible please take this job and hand over to them as they become available. See map and attached lists for fire exits for each bus (as long as a fire is not blocking in which case use the nearest available fire door).  Get them to line up and file out quickly with a volunteer at the back of the line (see below point) and other bus volunteers spaced equally – side blocks first through the fire exits and then central block. If the floor manager considers the risk great enough they will open the large central door but this should be avoided due to flow of children unless considered necessary.

When the alarm sounds the walkers person should pick up the evacuation box and leave immediately through fire door 1 – leaving this open behind them. They should go immediately to the evacuation point – the all weather football pitch - and close the far side gate. They should then lay out the bus meeting points along the far side of the pitch in bus order and with walkers/visitors at the end and place the torches and ropes with the cards.

On hearing the alarm the walkers assistant should follow the walkers person out of the building and join them up by the all weather pitch. They should stand on the step to remind people not to trip and to direct bus captains /children. 

NB: In the event of a bomb threat, parents must walk with their under 5 off site to the green patch of grass immediately adjacent to the pedestrian exit (back gate) - they must not take their child from the bus/line to join them.

On hearing the alarm the toilets volunteers will get all children out of the toilet/ toilet queue as quickly as possible and get them into the nearest bus line. If this is not their bus line this doesn’t matter as will be resolved once at the evacuation point. If there are overflow toilets in operation the same is true for these volunteers. As long as it is safe to do so they will then check the toilets are empty and leave the building.