This was a new initiative for 2019 seeing after school, safe, pastoral, small scale (15-20 children per group), community based spaces where children are nurtured, discipled and encouraged to thrive in creative ways. The children progress through three age groups, allowing us to tailor the program to their needs. The Hubs are run by an intergenerational team and provide the children with an often lacking quiet and reflective space in their lives. The focus of Hubs is on the children being the Community Changers. Every 6 weeks the children plan an activation: a social action project that they would like to do locally and we support them to make it happen (see the litter pick picture below as an example.) We are working towards having Hubs established for up to 225 children by the end of the year and for the children in all of the areas we visit within the next 5 years.   

litter pick

Hub Klubs are currently running in Beeston, Holbeck, Middleton and West Leeds and we hope to roll out further klubs over the coming year.

"It made my day to see the children picking up litter in our area; it is usually children who drop it, so it made a pleasant change"