Not all of our buses are not running at the moment, and we are running monthly rather than weekly due to capacity following Covid, but we will be back as soon as we are able! Please see your Kidz Klub visitor, or your sheet for the weeks and buses we are running.

Monday After School (during term time)

The seven Kidz Klub buses transport children to the city centre from: Lincoln Green, Burmantofts, Osmondthorpe, Gipton, Harehills, Richmond Hill, East End Park, Little London, Hyde Park, Burley, Woodhouse, Halton Moor, Beeston, Holbeck, Cottingley, Middleton, Bramley.

Please find our bus times HERE

You can get a consent slip from the bus captain to fill in on the evening of your first attendance. Attached Here is a copy of this form.

Please always ensure you or another adult takes your child to the bus stop and picks them up again, unless you have signed the walking home alone section of the consent form (only available for year 5 and 6 children.) On the first occasion it will need to be the parent or carer themselves as they will need to sign the consent form.