Our Beeston Hub children recently organised a 'Happy Tea' event, to spread joy within their community and thank the people who have supported their activities over the years, making it possible for them to enjoy being a part of Kidz Klub. 

Charity Co Leader Laura Hodgkinson opened the event sharing, 'we can see negative things happening in our communities, us grown ups can get a bit fed up about that. BUT the children carry so much hope and we tell them here at Kidz Klub that they are the community changers and nation shakers. Every week they have a 'world changers tea party,' where the children plan something they want to do to make a difference locally. So tonight, the children decided to welcome you as their special guests to say a very big thank you for all you do for them.'  


The children did a great job welcoming and seating their visitors, while some served refreshments and others engaged with the guests sharing their favourite experiences of Kidz Klub. 

Later on in the evening, children from all age groups came together to put on both a drumming and dance performance, which they had been perfecting for weeks. Pastries were also made by different groups of children throughout the night, as well as many of the cakes brought on the night being donated or made by the children themselves. 

The visitors included many of our generous donors and local councillors and even the Lord Mayor. Many guests commented on the enthusiasm and excitement of the children. (There were a few tea bags served in cups of tea - we did promise our guests a joyful evening!)

The Lord Mayor Al Garthwaite gave an inspiring speech for the children and said; "I just want to thank all of the volunteers here at Kidz Klub who make the activities possible for the children. I am sure we will all agree that they do an excellent job."