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We were delighted to recently attend the BBC 'Make a Difference Awards' after being nominated by our friend Ruth Saxton from Slung Low. We were shortlisted from 500 entries which was a lovely surprise. 
Ruth wrote: "Kidz Klub currently work with 1250+ children in every area of their lives: communities, homes and schools across our city. The children they support are growing up in the top 10% of the social deprivation indices; in some places life expectancy can be up to 10% lower than in the more affluent areas of the city. In these areas long term education, employment and life chances for children are significantly poorer. Kidz Klub provides fun and meaningful activities. As many of the children have no outside playing space, they take them exploring the outdoors, including camping trips and family days at the seaside. They also ensure they participate in sports and cultural activities, including cooking and looking after their environment, teaching them to be good citizens. But not only this, the reason they are award-worthy is each family is treated individually with time, respect and lots of care. Everyone gets house calls and someone is always on hand to support, practically and emotionally.  Whenever one of our supporters has a household donation, our first port of call is Kidz Klub. Because of their insight into each family, they know exactly who would benefit. They also ensure each child has at least one Christmas present each year. Kidz Klub's sessions are always joyful. Every single child is met with a smile, and it is a place they feel safe and cared for."
The absolute heroes of Kidz Klub are our amazing team and we are thrilled that their love and dedication has been appreciated. Thank you BBC!